2008-12-07 19:51:48 by Frank

Are you aware I'm not going to be modest here - I am just a really handsome guy. Nearly everywhere I go, I am constantly getting looks from tons of girls, and I can tell even the guy (if its a guy and his gf) gets pissed off when he sees me because after his gf sees me, she'll want my cock. Anyways, I went to see "Quantum of Solace" (movie is stupid as hell, don't waste your money) with a couple buddies. One of my buddies brought his gf and another girl that was a friend of his gf. She was fine as hell, and I could tell she was interested in me. After the movie, I was going to ask her if she wanted to do something else, but I found out that she had already left. My buddy's gf told me that her friend really liked me, but was too shy to approach me about it (and she is a really outgoing girl). She said that she thought that I would reject her because I was 'too good for her'. This isn't the first time shit like this has happened either. If I approach a girl at a bar or something, many will think that I am just joking with them, because they think that they are too 'ugly' for me - and trust me, I only go for the best-looking women. My ex-gf dumped me because she was sick of me getting so much attention from random girls, and was suspecting that I was cheating on her (I wasn't).



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2008-12-07 20:32:42

Fuck me you're handsome Frank. That mouth of yours would feel great on my penis!


2008-12-07 21:38:43

I'd tap that


2008-12-07 22:30:53

Still fat.


2008-12-08 03:00:05

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZRzGZ L6d70

Frank I didn't know you were in a music video 0:48


2008-12-10 15:00:11

Still ugly.


2008-12-11 06:10:34

That mouth of yours can bring all the bo- I mean girls to the yard.


2008-12-16 23:18:18

You have some potential in life Frank. You could actually get a girlfriend if you only tried harder and maybe you stopped being such a faggot.


2009-01-16 00:45:48

you're getting so OLD!


2009-01-22 18:44:27

haha! Devo sucks!


2009-02-17 22:46:42



2009-02-21 23:17:34

Also dicks.


2009-02-27 03:22:33

I'd look at you. <3


2009-02-28 14:18:12

you're my hero